Our Technology

Cicada Security Technology Inc. (CST) is a developer of innovative security products engineered to address a common security blind spot, the protection of assets and data from the risks attributed to attempted theft, tamper, and the unauthorized exposure of confidential information. The technologies developed by CST are designed and manufactured in Québec, and have application across a market sector, which despite its importance, has been underserved, and has no competition.

CST is presently engaged in the commercialization of its first completed product ‘The Cicada’, a portable USB-based security device which protects computer hardware and data against the risks of attempted theft or tamper, and their data from unintentional exposure to unauthorized parties. CST is engaged in the continuing development of technologies designed to address data exposure and asset theft, and is currently developing is the Cicada II, a Bluetooth 4.0 LE based security device for the protection of smart mobile devices and tablets. This technology is scheduled for initial live trials as soon as ‘Q2 2014.

CST is an active innovator of cyber security technologies and is a proud participant in R&D development programs offered by both the Governments of Québec and Canada.

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