About the company

Cicada Security Technology Inc., is a leading innovator of security technologies designed to protect high-value, and high-risk assets from unauthorized use, access, theft or tamper. Cicada solutions are designed to address complex security challenges, while adapting to a diverse range of user work habits with non-invasive, easy -to-use technology.

Cicada security technologies can be adapted to prevent theft, tamper or unauthorized use of:

- Mobile computing hardware
- Retail assets from theft
- In Transit inventory shipments
- distributed Inventory



Our Technology

Cicada has been developed to protect portable computing devices from theft or tamper in real world work environments. Designed to adapt to the way you work, Cicada provides the most effective real-time protection.

As an active theft and tamper trigger, Cicada provides strong value to vendors of encryption technologies by offering their clients the ability to add a reactive security system as a means to enhance content level security.

Presidium provides application specific, long shelf life asset protection that can be integrated in to a diverse range of assets. Based on the Presidium security controller, protected assets are covered against theft for up to three years, eliminating the need for periodic maintenance.

Engineered to operate in any country, Presidium can exchange information over any telecommunication network to provide accurate asset location data using NEMA standard geo-positioning data.


Our team

Ryk Edelstein CEO

With a passion for building great companies, Ryk Edelstein is a technology veteran and the founder and visionary behind Cicada Security Technology, a leading regional solution provider specializing in developing and maintaining secure and efficient distributed networks. Well known as a security specialist with a background in packet level data analysis, digital forensics, technical counter surveillance, Ryk is the author of the guide ‘The Best Practices for the Destruction of Digital Data’.

As the inventor of Cicada and Presidium, Ryk develops technologies to address the asset security challenges facing clients in real world work environments.

Serving as the technical advisor on information security for the Governments of Canada and the United States, Ryk helps companies such as Dell, IBM, and numerous large and small enterprise clients understand and address the growing problem of digital data tamper and theft.