Without Cicada active authenticated devices are vulnerable.

How do you protect an active and authenticated computer against data exposure? And, How well does this approach really work for you?

You provide your mobile workers with laptop computers equipped with the latest end point security technologies, including authentication to prevent unauthorized access, encrypted storage to prevent removal of data from a dormant device, and the latest in access control and secure communications technology to access cloud or network based resources. Yet, once the user has authenticated, the encrypted storage has been mounted, and the connection to secure resources is active, anyone who has access to the computer has full access to all stored and accessible information.

Then your nightmare begins… the user steps away from the computer for a moment without locking it, the PIV card is left inserted, the station is left unattended for any reason without being secured. Moments later someone attempts to steal the computer, or insert writable media, or connects a USB device to introduce malware…. Is your data protected? If your present security provides no visibility to physical threat, then the answer is NO.

Perhaps it is time to evolve your security with Cicada.




Human Error, Policy Circumvention, and Unexpected Events

It has been stated that ‘any security policy which is dependent upon user compliance can be deemed a failed security policy’.  The fact is, people make mistakes, and untrained or lazy users can impose risk which undermines the practices defined in the policy which are intended to assure security of physical or digital assets. Reliance on a user to accurately follow policy introduces potential points of failure in to the process.

Despite the capabilities of commercially available security technologies to protect our IT infrastructure against risks posed by logic level threat, these technologies have absolutely no visibility to risk posed by physical sources. Cicada physical threat aware technologies have been designed to prevent risk which can be introduced by human error, policy circumvention, or targeted physical threat, all which could compromise the security of your digital or physical assets.

Cicada extends the visibility of your end point security to include presently undetected risk.

Mobile Work Force Security

Trends in office floor space reduction, has spawned significant populations of mobile workers. Despite the cost benefits afforded by this change, those responsible for the security of stored, cloud or network accessible digital information must now adapt their security policies, which had once included the physical protection provided by the office, to now accommodate the same level of protection to an elastic physical security perimeter created by the mobile work force.   

In efforts to extend physical security to include external mobile devices many have discovered that commonly available security products focus on logic level threat, and are incapable of delivering reliable or responsive protection against attempted theft of active mobile end point devices from data exposure. Cicada recognized this challenge and developed our Cicada physical threat aware technologies to address this common, and frequently unaddressed, security blind spot.


Practical, Cost-Effective Mobile Data and Asset Protection

Cicada provides comprehensive anti-theft and anti-tamper solution, enabling quick, cost-effective protection for data mobile assets. More than a theft prevention solution, Cicada safeguards data from tamper, and unauthorized access, providing strong real-time security for confidential and private information.

Smart, Policy Based Technology

As each user may have differing work habits, the Cicada provides a flexible and easy to manage security policy that can be adapted to each users specific work habits or environment. Some of the trigger sources monitored by Cicada include:

  • Motion
  • Power state change
  • network link state change
  • Bluetooth device link state
  • Insertion of writable media
  • Peripheral insertion or removal

Compliance to Data Privacy Regulations

The requirement to demonstrate comprehensive compliance to regulatory privacy objectives throughout your organization is critical to preventing fines, and liabilities which can be imposed due to information exposure. With the addition of Cicada physical threat aware technologies you extend your security visibility to ensure that all confidential information is protected from exposure the moment attempted theft or tamper occurs.